Melody Lewis, LMT
Integrative Bodywork & Massage Therapy


My mission is to provide therapeutic, customized bodywork treatments in a knowledgeable and intuitive manner to help individuals find balance and vitality, making our society a healthier and more positive place, one person at a time.

I consider myself an "integrative bodyworker" because I draw from multiple techniques and modalities, depending on what my clients need on any given day.  Every treatment I give is unique and special, just like each of us.  My clients tell me they keep coming back because each session is a new and different experience, yet they don't have to build rapport with a new and different therapist.

My degree is a BS in Exercise Science from the University of Toledo.  I received a diploma in Massage Therapy and Polarity Therapy from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.  In practice since 2002, I hold a New Mexico Massage Therapy License and am certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

My philosophy is that our bodies are designed to heal.  We self-correct.  Our systems work together harmoniously when given the freedom and proper stimuli to do so.  As a bodywork practitioner, I provide therapy in a safe environment where we facilitate the body's natural healing processes to help people unwind and realign.  My work is technical yet relaxing, and scientific yet intuitive.

I practice (and receive!) bodywork because it is an integral part of health maintenance.  It supports overall well-being and helps us function more efficiently.  It is an honor to, through touch, help people live their best lives.

Beautiful and magical Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been home since 2001, and I am blessed to have love all around me!

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